Delhi Township Wastewater Treatment Plant

In a concerted effort to utilize an artistic element and to be innovative and creative, the Delhi Township Wastewater Treatment Plant was renovated around 2010 and an artistic brick pattern was added to the tanks by the Dept. of Public Service. HRC transformed Delhi Township’s traditional waste treatment digestion process into an “earth-friendly” chemical-free process through the first American application of the Integrated Biomass to Energy System designed by Michigan based HESCO. This “green” approach provides usable Class “A” biosolids and generates electrical power through the capture of methane gas.

Velvet Elvis

As of Friday, September 8, 2016, in the alleyway behind The Creole, there is a larger-than-life Velvet Elvis. The mural was done by Eric Schantz of Saginaw, Mich., and commissioned by Old Town Commercial Association’s own Jamie Schriner.

Jamie’s flat in Old Town came with a large expanse of empty, white brick wall along the side of her garage. Elvis is one out of roughly 120 public art pieces that Eric has painted in his 12 years as a spray paint muralist.

Cedar Street Art Collective Mural

The mural on the south side of CSAC was done by local artist Tod Parkhill. It was painted on four panels and installed August 2017.  It measures 8 foot by 16 foot. At first glance, it just looks like a bunch of random objects. Upon a closer look, it becomes more obvious that the objects are painted as letters. The letters form the words “Cedar Street Art Collective. The objects chosen were inspired from items that were sold when the building housed Dicker and Deal. There is a less obvious message of “Welcome to the neighborhood” hidden in the mural as well.  Part of the design approach to the mural was to create something that was an ode to the building, but also a piece that would encourage pedestrians to stop and engage with the painting.

Old Town Koi

Created by Andrew Sandstedt during the 2016 Scrapfest, the Koi now resides at the Cozy Koi Bed and Breakfast in Lansing, Michigan. The inspiration for “Old Town Koi” came from two areas. The first is the anchor business of Old Town, Preuss Pets. A family owned business that has provided joy to countless animal enthusiasts for years.  One of the flagship features of the store is the indoor Koi pond. The second inspiration is what Koi ponds in Japan represent: Good Fortune, Perseverance in Adversity, and Strength of Purpose. Andrew felt that the subject matter of the Koi really speaks to the culture and steady growth of the Old Town area. This seven foot sculpture made its debut at Scrapfest 2016 to inspire the values of strength, perseverance, and courage.