Portrait of a Dreamer

The 15-foot-tall sculpture called “Portrait of a Dreamer,” is composed entirely of stainless steel and overlooks Museum Drive from Michigan Avenue. “Portrait of a Dreamer” is not just substantial in stature but is also interactive and illuminated. Artist Ivan Iler describes the piece as one that visualizes the flow of ideas transpiring within Lansing’s cultural […]

Rollercoaster Bike Rack

The functional and creative “rollercoaster” bike rack is prominently placed near Island Park, along the Riverwalk Trail. The rollercoaster nods to the rich history of Island Park and the real rollercoaster that once stood there in the 1890’s when the property was called, “Seven Islands Resort.” “Artist designed bike racks provide yet another avenue to […]


In 2017, Michigan-based artist Steve Scarborough donated his famed Artprize entry to the City of Grand Ledge. Printed on low luster aluminum, the 6” tall by 4” wide photograph depicts a woman hidden in a tree. Mr. Scarborough thought to make the donation to the city because the basis of the photograph is an actual […]

Fish Bike Rack

The functional and creative “fish” bike rack is a colorful site at Jaycee Park, located near the boat launch along the Riverwalk Trail. Fishing the Grand River is a popular pastime for Jaycee Park visitors, as is biking the rich trail system around Grand Ledge. The fish is a perfect addition to this fun and […]

Owl Bike Rack

The functional and creative “owl” bike rack brings a bit of whimsy to the recently redesigned parking lot located off of East River Street in downtown Grand Ledge. The scholarly owl incorporates numerous books which is relatable since this parking lot provides access to the Grand Ledge Area District Library, as well as numerous other […]


Installed in 2015, Splash is a large sculpture that is the shape of a “splash” of water. This piece was created to “help demonstrate to companies looking to come here as well as their employees who settle in cities like St. Johns that we have a cosmopolitan environment which will help the area in terms […]


The BE sculpture was inspired by a drawing of ‘A’ by local student Aaron Boughton, who won our art contest when he was 8 years old.  He showed a young ‘A’ standing with it’s family and reaching for the rainbow overhead. The glass ‘de-constructed rainbow’ overhead was created by renowned glass artist Craig Mitchell Smith.  BE was […]


The rainbow sculpture, INSPIRE, was motivated by an experience Lee Howser had many years ago. Another rainbow sculpture captivated him and stirred memories of the times he had started over and transformed his life into something new and different, and often for the better. Lee felt that the pivotal and transformational role that AL!VE plays in […]

Growing Progress

The sculpture titled, “Growing Progress” was created by Michigan artist, Thomas Sheerin and is made entirely of recommissioned metal. The inspiration for the sculpture was to honor the Huhn family and their legacy in Grand Ledge from farming to selling Chevrolets. In 1919, Leo Huhn broke from the family’s agriculture roots and opened a Chevrolet […]