Installed in 2015, Splash is a large sculpture that is the shape of a “splash” of water. This piece was created to “help demonstrate to companies looking to come here as well as their employees who settle in cities like St. Johns that we have a cosmopolitan environment which will help the area in terms of economic development,” – Trezise


The BE sculpture was inspired by a drawing of ‘A’ by local student Aaron Boughton, who won our art contest when he was 8 years old.  He showed a young ‘A’ standing with it’s family and reaching for the rainbow overhead. The glass ‘de-constructed rainbow’ overhead was created by renowned glass artist Craig Mitchell Smith.  BE was made possible by a generous donation by Eldon, David, Eldora, and Keisha Howe, in memory of Patricia Howe.


The rainbow sculpture, INSPIRE, was motivated by an experience Lee Howser had many years ago. Another rainbow sculpture captivated him and stirred memories of the times he had started over and transformed his life into something new and different, and often for the better. Lee felt that the pivotal and transformational role that AL!VE plays in our community and in people’s lives made it the perfect place to create this artwork. INSPIRE was generously commissioned by the Howser & Kimmer families, with additional donations by Alro Steel.

Growing Progress

The sculpture titled, “Growing Progress” was created by Michigan artist, Thomas Sheerin and is made entirely of recommissioned metal. The inspiration for the sculpture was to honor the Huhn family and their legacy in Grand Ledge from farming to selling Chevrolets. In 1919, Leo Huhn broke from the family’s agriculture roots and opened a Chevrolet dealership in Grand Ledge. Standing 10 feet tall and 11 feet in length, the base of “Growing Progress” represents a plowshare transforming into a wheat crop to pay homage to the Huhn’s family beginning as immigrants whose livelihood was based in agriculture. The top of the sculpture represents an eagle/jet-shaped hood ornament similar to a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air and signifies the country post WWII, strong and growing into the Jet Age. The entire sculpture signifies that after years of war and depression, the country is looking up.

The sculpture was donated by David and Nancy Huhn in memory of David’s parents, Victor J. and Rosella C. Huhn who were lifelong residents of Grand Ledge.


Glass artist Craig Mitchell Smith donated $10,000 with of his glass art to Windwalker under the condition that the artists within the building would create something. Kalli Dempsey, Vincent Brady, Brandon McCoy, Matt Allumi, and Richard Turbin collaborated together over a period of 6 months to design, create, and install the sculpture.

5 ft in diameter and hangs 16 ft long

Located in the upper floors of Windwalker Underground Gallery, 125 S Cochran, Charlotte MI 48813

Statue of George Washington

On the corner of Walnut and Washtenaw Street in Lansing stands a statue of George Washington. His figure is memorialized in bronze in front of the Lewis Cass Building. The building is named for one of Michigan’s original territorial governors. It is also one of Michigan’s oldest office buildings. It once served as the state office building until the completion of the first part of a new state government complex in 1953, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places as “State Office Building” in 1984. The building currently houses numerous businesses including the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

The statue of our first President compliments the building’s classical revival style and its historical significance within our states government. It fits in well with the government based environment surrounding the area.

Tari’s Cornerstone Studio for Dance

Tari’s Cornerstone Studio for Dance was founded in 1989. They offer dance classes for children as well as adults in the following areas: ballet/pointe, tap, jazz, lyrical, hip hop and tumbling.
In addition to recreational classes, they offer some of the finest competition classes in the state.

In 2014, regional awards for the Studio included: Top Petite Small Group, Top Junior Small Group, Top Teen Small Group, Top Teen Large Group & Top Junior Production. National titles for the year included Top Petite Large Group, 2nd Overall Petite Small Group, Top Teen Small Group, 2nd Overall National Grand Champions Primary Large Group, Top Junior Production. They also received the “Most Entertaining” award, Choreographer of the Year and Studio of the Year Awards!

Over the years, their competition teams have earned choreography awards, performance awards, technique awards, most entertaining, and many regional and national titles including Miss Dance USA Michigan. Dancers from the studio are regularly invited to dance in “Best of the Best” where they have often placed first.

For more information, call (517) 339-2855 or come on in and check them out!!

Our Dance Studio

Our Dance Studio of Grand Ledge Michigan specializes in Ballroom dance and offers private lessons, group classes, private group classes, wedding preparation, practice parties, and more. Whether you want to learn to dance for your wedding, as sport, for exercise, or simply as recreation, the qualified instructors at ODS are here for you!

Types of dance taught include: Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Line dancing, Country Western, and Salsa. Students and couples range from social dancers to Amateur and Pro-Am competitors.

ODS has provided additional coaching in ice dancing and cheerleading. Some of their ice dancing champions include: Elizabeth Punsulan & Jerod Swallow, 5 times U.S. Champions and World Pro Champions; Peter Tchemychev & Naomi Lange, 5 time U.S. Champions; and Ben Agosto & Tanith Belbin, U.S. Champions.
They also work with the well known dance team, “High Velocity.”

If you are just learning to dance or are already an accomplished dancer, feel free to come to Our Dance Studio. Take the First Step to Fun, Fitness, and New Friends!

Phone: (517)622-8588

Email: louis@ourdancestudio.com

Patsy Watson School of Dance

Patsy Watson School of Dance is a family owned business founded in 1951. Their family oriented studio offers classes for ages 3 to 103!! They emphasize quality, rather than the flashier aspects of quantity. Wanting to directly affect the hearts and minds of their students, they believe strong bodies, minds, and faith bring happiness and success. Led by Christian dance instructors who believe the bible to be the inspired word of God, they strive towards excellence.

Classes include: Ballet, Cheer, Tap, Tumbling/Gymnastic, Jazz/Hip-Hop, Adult Beginner Ballet, Adult Beginner Tap, Tabata, Yoga, and Zumba

Studio Hours: Monday – Thursday : 5:00pm – 9:00 pm.
Saturday: 9:00am – 2:00 pm
Closed Fridays and Sundays

Phone Numbers: (517)882-6871 or (517)455-9191