517artsearch phone

517 ARTsearch is a mobile app that describes and guides you to public art and art venues in the 517 area code. The app was developed by the Arts Council of Greater Lansing to show inspiring public art, theatre spaces, museums and galleries throughout the region as part of our greater creative placemaking initiatives.

Use 517 ARTsearch to enhance your daily walking experience by giving you information about the public art you see, including info on the artist and the history behind the artwork. By empowering creators and patrons of the arts, as well as promoting education and awareness of public artworks, 517 ARTsearch highlights the rich creative and cultural landscape of Greater Lansing.

After using 517 ARTsearch to locate a piece of art or gallery, use the in-app features to share your experience with friends and encourage them to seek out art explorations and trips of their own.

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