North Woods

When approaching the Grand Staircase in the Library of Michigan, visitors have the sensation of walking into a large Michigan forest. The effect was created by Richard Kozlow in his 10 x 20 foot oil painting, “North Woods”.

“I was born and raised in Michigan and have a great love for this state, especially the north country,” he says.”I wanted to paint something that reflected my strong, emotional feelings about the land.”

Kozlow’s impressionistic painting is based on sketches he made during walks in wooded areas near East Jordan in northern Michigan. Pigments that match the Library’s color scheme were used throughout. Dark blues represent the Great Lakes, with greens an browns portraying the state’s woodlands and beaches.

“The painting had a wonderful continuity with other parts of the Library,” Kozlow feels. “It’s an artist’s wish to be a part of this magnificent building.”

Richard Kozlow was an artist who lived in Detroit, Michigan for many years. During his prolific career he painted well over a thousand works, including this oil painting.