Ledges Playhouse

The Ledges Playhouse is a historic barn theatre, located inside the unique and picturesque Fitzgerald Park. In 1895, Spiritualists utilized local carpenter John Rosenberger to build a large pavilion to hold lectures and séances (attempts to communicate with spirits). Beginning in 1910, Free Methodists used the facility to hold their summer meetings. In 1919, the City of Grand Ledge bought the property now known as Fitzgerald Park and used the pavilion for a skating rink, dance hall, and community meeting place. Under the guidance of Dr. Gordon Horrod, renovations began in 1955 to create a summer theatre with the building of a stage and utilizing seating from the old Capital Theatre in downtown Lansing. In 1956, Ledges Playhouse was born. Currently operated by Over the Ledge Theatre Company, patrons enter Fitzgerald Park to access Ledges Playhouse finding an unforgettable experience both inside and out.