The Worker

A structural tribute to the blue collar history of Lansing, The Worker represents the passion of the men and women who built Michigan’s capital city. Along with the “rebirth” of Lansing and the Stadium District developments, The Worker stands extremely tall to invoke a sense of community pride throughout the district and celebrate the rich history of the region.

The Worker stands over 22 feet tall and is made of scrap metal pieces. A steel truck rim serves as The Worker’s hat, while a sizable linked chain comprises the tool belt. The Worker weighs in over 2,000 pounds. It’s enormous size is one of the first things visitors note about the art work.

The piece’s commissioners, the Gillespie Group, envisioned The Worker as an emblem of strength, grit, passion and pride of the City of Lansing’s past, present, and future. The Worker has its own Twitter feed that you can follow.

(Source: Lansing Regional Chamber)