The Fledge

The Fledge exists to influence the culture of our communities toward a positive entrepreneurial economy based on abundance (as opposed to scarcity). It creates an environment that encourages collaboration for sharing resources, tools, skills, technology and interests to create a cohesive system of a new economic view. Their hypothesis is that we can change the culture of a community to be more entrepreneurial in their pursuit of being happy by creating a chaotic system that includes no real rules, hyper-inclusiveness and an attractive space filled with shared resources. They believe they have created a support system and space that creates companies and jobs that will thrive.

One side of the space includes a common room with computers, monitors and various software capabilities; office space; a technology and electrical tinkering room; and a mechanical maker space which currently includes an Xcarve machine, a 3D printer, sewing machines, an ink printing press, and a table saw.

The other side of the space lends itself to the arts. The Fledge can help any artist begin, continue, or finish a project. There is space for painting, screen printing, drawing, writing, recording music, mixing music, performing and gardening. In addition to the space, The Fledge provides various art media free of charge to visitors, often due to a generous donation from a visitor or fledgling.