Stop and Smell the Roses

Located on the property of Delta Township Hall, (7710 West Saginaw Hwy.), snuggled next to a beautiful fountain, at the corner of Canal and overlooking Horrock’s Market, this sculpture by Arts Council of Greater Lansing member Craig Mitchell Smith is a wonderful example of his great breadth of work. As can be guessed by this sculpture, Smith is one of Michigan’s most celebrated outdoor installation artists.

In 2006, Smith discovered his medium in glass. Medium not only in the sense of the substance used to create his art, but as a voice through which the spirit speaks. He loves glass for its metaphors of the human condition: at its best, it is colourful and transparent, brittle when cold and malleable when warm, stronger than it looks, enduring the ages if treated with care and respect.

Smith never sets out to make something beautiful or meaningful, such as with this piece of roses. Instead, his work is a response to beauty or meaning and he prefers to have his sculptures speak for themselves.

What does stopping to smell the roses on a busy transportation corridor in Delta Township mean to you?