Saper Galleries

Established in 1979, award-winning Saper Galleries and Custom Framing provides the widest variety of original artworks of every medium and for every budget in its 6,000 square foot skylight-lit gallery in downtown East Lansing.

On display are 1,500 original artworks by 150 artists from 15 countries, including paintings, drawings, limited editions, hand-blown glass, mobiles, sculpture, wooden boxes and bowls, quality ceramics, and other media from $20 to $20,000.  The artists range from internationally-known artists such as Dali, Rembrandt, Peter Max, Dr. Seuss, John James Audubon to lesser-known but quality artists, as well as featuring many Michigan artists. Saper Galleries also provides free art search services and world-wide delivery, custom framing services, art management programs for businesses, and friendly, professional, personalized service for everyone, always.

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