This stainless steel sculpture by artist Timothy Higgins is approximately 12 feet tall and 5 feet wide and is installed in Rotary Park on Railroad Street near the historic depot in St. Johns. Affixed into the main part of the piece is a rotary cog with a medallion in the center depicting the front of a train locomotive, creating a tie to history of the railroad in St. Johns. Around the brick base of the sculpture is a unique iron railing that is made to resemble railroad track rails, between the rails are iron figures hand made out of railroad spikes. The four sides each depict a different theme to tie into the history of the area and as well as current events.

In creating this sculpture Higgins wanted the piece to be something that would catch the eye and make people want to come take a closer look. His proposal was chosen by the City Art Committee out of five artists that submitted various project ideas. Higgins is experienced in creating art with various metals, wood and leather.

The art installation was made possible through a grant from the LEAP Public Art for Communities program.