The One Who Provides

On October 28, 2018, Old Town unveiled this mural by artist Nanibah Chacon. Her mural highlights representations of native women in addition to the traditions of plants and sustainability on indigenous land. When she paints a mural, Chacon’s goal is to learn about the community and make connections with the people who know the space best.

“I think it’s always essential to involve yourself in the community for so many reasons,” Chacon said. “If you involve yourself in your community, you are more likely to make change that really implements the community.”

The mural is about many things, including work and perseverance, but it’s also meant to be just plain gorgeous.

“Being Chicana, being native, I see so many images of my culture being very oppressive,” she said. “It’s always the downtrodden Indian, the struggling Chicano or Latino. I don’t see that day to day. I see beauty, I see people that are strong, that do things with grace and perseverance, and we need to see reflections of that. We need to see very positive images of brown women.”