Michigan Tapestries

Through the expressive possibilities of woven fabric, artist Gerhardt Knodel conveyed his impression of Michigan’s natural beauty in two eight by 14 foot tapestries that accentuate the north and south walls of the Board Room.

”I wanted to use the end walls so participants can feel themselves extended as far as possible in space.“ Knodel explained. ”The sensation attempts to lead the viewer through sequences in space — like standing on the crest of a hill and seeing the panorama of water below.“

Images of rolling hills and tumbling waves are developed when fabric is woven into the warp. Both light and atmosphere are brought to the subject as the work progresses.

”The figurative elements change radically during the weaving, like dappling with light and shadow,“ he says. ”My intent with this project was to incorporate specific patternal or textural references that are connected to the land and water.“

Knodel’s work integrates many elements, figurative and formal. His tapestries were a gift from Hudson’s Department Stores.

More about Knodel can be found at http://gknodel.com/resume.html.