Beal Garden Gates (Carlisle Gate and Handrails)

The 2008 Beal Garden Gates were made possible by a generous gift from Alumna Mrs. Sandra Carlisle, in memory of her husband John Carlisle.  Mrs. Carlisle wanted the gate to have an organic feel, which was captured by using plant-based shapes and casting bronze accents of hand-carved forms. The gates were crafted by Stefani & Company of Birmingham, Michigan … Continued

Bicycle Yoga

Bicycle Yoga is one of the six artistic bike racks/functional public art pieces installed in downtown East Lansing in 2014 designed to enhance bike parking options and the urban landscape. Bicycle Yoga consists of two human-like figures doing yoga poses and is made of bronze. As artist Doug DeLind describes it, “One of them bends over forward and the … Continued

Bird in the Hand

Fabricated by LCC faculty and students, the aged copper hand is steel plate with a bird resting peacefully on the little finger and an owl, perched on the thumb. An outstanding addition to this frequently used section of campus, Bird in the Hand adds a distinct look to this open area. (Source: LCC Directory)


Williams’ Bloom (2013) represents growth by portraying the fullness and lightness of flowers in bloom after a long winter. The artist compares the growth of flowers to students at Michigan State University who experience educational and personal growth during their campus journey. Once it is time for graduation, the students bloom.


Installed in 2006, this piece was originally conceived for a show at Chicago’s Navy Pier. At the time, artist Caspar Henselmann was preoccupied with tectonic plate movement. The concept behind the piece is embedded in the physical reality that we are sitting on a thin floating surface on a small sphere on an elliptical trajectory … Continued

Bradly’s Home and Garden

Somewhere between glamour and rustic, natural and historical, Bradly’s Home and Garden’s style emerges. Gleaming metals, crystal and porcelain paired with natural elements of bark, horn and wood mixed with aged finishes; it defines their style and their very sensibility. At this artistic and creative Old Town boutique, Bradly’s offers more than just items, but rather a … Continued

Broad Art Museum

The Eli and Edythe Broad Art Museum, a 2012 Zaha Hadid-designed contemporary art museum at MSU, is dedicated to exploring global contemporary culture and ideas through art. The museum presents groundbreaking international contemporary art across all media and thematic exhibitions that investigate contemporary works within a historical context. Fun fact: There are no right angles … Continued

Budget Friendly

Budget Friendly is one of the six artistic bike racks/functional public art pieces installed in downtown East Lansing in 2014 designed to enhance bike parking options and the urban landscape. Bill Mansfield, Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Chair explained why the DDA supported this project by saying, “This is an initiative the DDA undertook to support East Lansing’s arts culture. While we are … Continued

Building Community

Created in 2012 at Old Town’s annual ScrapFest, this piece is a visual depiction of the community building process: The foundation, while strong, has been assembled over the years in a rather haphazard manner. People filled spaces as needed, with some extending forth and some remaining in the background. The various colors of society are muted and … Continued


Artist Albert Paley constructed a poem along with his work of art to reflect his thoughts on the project and its name: Cadence Then as now Before language the cadence constant and ephemeral invisible its pulse evasive in stillness Transitioned towards light embraced in darkness Eternal the mystery pursued