America’s First Agricultural College

This mural is a painting commissioned by the Federal Arts Project of the Works Progress Administraion for the East Lansing (Michigan) Post Office. It is currently on long-term loan from the United States Post Office. Designed in 1938, it measures 139 inches by 49 inches. (Source: MSU Library Public Artwork Archives)


Andromeda, by artist Anthony Frudakis, is a bronze sculpture named for a mythological Ethiopian princess that has become an unintentional welcome sign to the City of East Lansing and the campus of Michigan State University. The windblown girl in bronze dances in her place, above the median of busy Grand River Avenue, seemingly unaware of the … Continued

Anima Librata (Balanced Soul)

Artist Evan Lewis’s 25 foot high, 300 pound, stainless steel sculpture creates an ever-changing display of dynamic motion. Powered by wind, the movement of the sculpture follows no set pattern. The energy source in this kinetic wind-powered art sculpture has created an ever-changing display of dynamic motion since its creation in 2004.


Enamel porcelain on iron or steel. 144 in. by 168 in. 1954


Enamel porcelain on iron or steel. 168 in. by 144 in. 1954


Artifacts is a three-dimensional still life featuring bits of found tiles including early Pewabic tiles and some ancient tiles from Tripoli (circa 400 BC). This work also includes bronze pieces of broken musical instruments from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra and several typewriter keys. The artwork was originally conceived for the Michigan Lawyers Auxiliary as a horizontal composition. … Continued

Arts Council of Greater Lansing

The Arts Council of Greater Lansing exists to support, strengthen, and promote arts, culture, and creativity in the Capital region. The Arts Council envisions a capital region that utilizes arts and culture as a catalyst for economic development and personal enrichment thereby creating a community that values a lifelong appreciation of and engagement in the … Continued


The BE sculpture was inspired by a drawing of ‘A’ by local student Aaron Boughton, who won our art contest when he was 8 years old.  He showed a young ‘A’ standing with it’s family and reaching for the rainbow overhead. The glass ‘de-constructed rainbow’ overhead was created by renowned glass artist Craig Mitchell Smith.  BE was … Continued

Beal Garden Gates (Carlisle Gate and Handrails)

The 2008 Beal Garden Gates were made possible by a generous gift from Alumna Mrs. Sandra Carlisle, in memory of her husband John Carlisle.  Mrs. Carlisle wanted the gate to have an organic feel, which was captured by using plant-based shapes and casting bronze accents of hand-carved forms. The gates were crafted by Stefani & Company of Birmingham, Michigan … Continued

Beneficial Force of Water

The upper lobby of the Board of Water and Light Dye Conditioning Plant features three large murals. Look for them, including the 1940-era one shown above that depicts the advantages of water in regards to our health, cleanliness, environment, and recreation. (Source: Michigan Council for Art and Cultural Affairs)